And we again NAILED it!

KAM Training Services successfully completed the 3 weeks summer workshop for the students at Dev Samaj Modern School.

The main objective of the workshop was to build the overall confidence, personality, conversational skills, creativity & imagination, stage presence in the students through the communication and dance workshop.

Yet again the TRANSFORMATION was huge. Students performed English skits, sang English songs, made presentations in English, displayed street play in English . Not only that, the students from dance workshop performed beautiful dance performances on the stage.

Feedback from the students.

1. I have developed a new confidence in me.

2. I have learnt new words and phrases.

3. With this workshop my stage fear has gone. I can confidently handle the stage now.

4. I have started talking more in English now. Earlier I used to speak in Hindi however now I converse more in English.

5. I learnt new English songs and the Street Play took my confidence to a different level all together.