“The highest form of knowledge is empathy, for it requires us to suspend our egos and live in another’s”- Plato Have you ever created connection at first sight through words? Do you wish to harness your emotions to achieve greater success in both work and your personal life? Have you handled a crucial conversation through empathetic language?


Empathetic Language -A self development program to rewire your human interaction skills and create the culture of understanding & collaboration which will further lead to more development, acceptance and positive outcomes, in both work and home settings. Unleash the power of empathy in conversation and create trust and consequent bond with other person and 'feel what they feel'.

This bespoke learning program is well crafted with Neurobiology, Neuro sciences, Psychometric analysis and Experiential, and Pre and Post assessments.

Increase Empathy & Consciousness, Emotional Intelligence, And Empathetic Skills; Become an Empath and display the empathetic language skills.

What is Empathetic Language?

Empathetic Language is the process of bringing quality of presence, non-judgmental compassion and curiosity to both our listening and speaking. Empathetic language is important as it allows you to have deeper ability to understand things from other person’s perspective and compassion for others, leading to meaningful connection and conversation

Our Approach

In our training program we use the reframing NLP technique to change your feelings, beliefs and attitude towards an event or situation and change your emotional states through the use anchors using various sub modalities. Our training methodology focuses on the brain and its impact on our behavior, how we think, make decisions, get influenced or overwhelmed and relate to other people and our transformation of language. We share with you the science-based, bullet proof method that can shift your emotions and behaviors to a clear and focused action in just few weeks of practice with us. We use the design thinking concepts in providing a solution-based approach to solving problems through a human-centered approach. We coach our participants with the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) which provides them with information and insights necessary to deepen self – and other-awareness

Why it is for you?

    Empathetic Language teaches participants how to:

  • To communicate with Passion, Compassion, and Concern using SCARF, RASA Models.
  • To use the techniques of empathetic listening, clean questioning and empathetic non-verbal in daily communication.
  • To use the key concepts of NLP, Neuroscience, Emotional Intelligence, and other models for empathetic language.
  • To use empathetic language- words and phrases in their daily conversation

Organizational Benefits of Empathetic Language

  • Improved Cultural Competence and transparency
  • Increased employee engagement
  • Accelerate the culture of productivity and makes the organization a better place to work.
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