Establishing a conversation forum that nurtures psychological safety and integrates the principles of NLP, neuroscience, and positive psychology, all while fostering an open mindset and cultivating joy, holds the potential to significantly elevate collaboration and overall productivity. The framework of the 6 C's - Care, Connect, Collaborate, Create, Conquer, and Celebrate - provides a comprehensive roadmap for achieving these goals.

    This holistic approach fosters genuine care, meaningful connections, collaborative innovation, and a culture of celebration, redefining the workplace as a thriving hub where employees excel and flourish.


  • The MANTRA of FREEDOM -Talk with NO FEAR and ANXIETY
  • Capability Building
  • Deep Learning -Self-Effectiveness & Development and Team Effectiveness.
  • Learn New Skills- Courage, Execution, Personal Leadership.
  • Experience Freedom, Expression, Power and create the future of possibilities by being WHO YOU ARE.


  • Becoming the change managers and will be able to drive their own team.
  • Bringing out projects in the company with the tools that they are learning.
  • Activities they will do will lead to collaboration within the company.
  • The change managers will come up with new initiative for increasing the collaboration.
  • It will lead to new innovative engagement activities.
  • Through the techniques of NLP, the participants will be able to establish and maintain rapport, explore and alter negative patterns of behaviour, and radically improve their own ability to communicate effectively.
  • Influence the working environment so that it helps people to be constructive and productive.
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