Standing on the stage and facing the whole new world is not easy. Whether it is the school stage or the workplace conference room, we all have gone through the feeling of stage fright and felt the butterfly in the stomach.  

When standing on a stage – be it a literal stage where you are required to present or speak, or any other platform where there is an audience or someone to gauge the activity, the stage fear tends to make an appearance.

Most of us struggle with public-speaking nervousness. When we asked people through our survey on what makes them nervous, their responses were:

“I don’t want people to laugh at me.”

“What if I forget my talk on the stage.”

“I don’t like people looking at me.”

The fear of what others will say has stopped many of us standing in front of the audience and if we don’t conquer this fear at the right time then definitely, we are going to lose many big opportunities in life.

Think about that moment when you were extremely nervous and frightened — say, before standing up to publicly speak, sharing your thoughts in a meeting, or even walking through a room of new faces. The reason you felt petrified and scared and tense is you were concerned about social disapproval.

Remember, we always have a choice and that’s the greatest gift we get from our life. Now the question is, do you want to choose that powerful self-confidence of standing in front of many people or do you want to choose that little corner where you can hide yourself?

So, let’s take the next step and see some possible ways of removing the stage fear. After all – DARR KE AAGE HUMSHA JEET HEY!

The Brain Refocus

When you are nervous and your brain starts telling you, “Everyone is looking at me. What if I fail?” and it is exactly at this moment that you need to refocus your brain. Tell your mind, body and soul that this is my one-time opportunity and no one has got this golden chance. Be firm with your brain and tell yourself, “Brain, this talk which I am going to do today on this stage will make me popular and the audience is definitely going to love it. It is very easy and it will be fun …so let me just do it.” Over time (usually between three and four stage talks), your brain will begin to get it, and you will become less nervous.

Know your dialogue

Every good and eloquent speaker will definitely prepare the structure of their talk. It is very imperative to know your content, your speech and more importantly your audience. If you know the structure of your thoughts and flow of your words then you have no reason to be nervous. Keep your cheat notes always ready with you. When you know your content well then it will

enable you to speak more naturally and hence more confidently.

Fake it till you make it.  

Trust me, it is totally natural to feel nervous prior to any stage performance, but the best thing that one can do to avoid having cold feet on stage is to fake that you are hell assertive and confident. Always remember – it is not what you are saying but how you are saying it.  Fake it until you make it means to willfully encourage an attitude, feeling, or perception of proficiency & competency that you don’t currently have by imagining you do until it becomes spot-on.

Breathe in- Breathe out

Practicing breathing techniques is another great way to handle stage fear. Humans naturally breathe faster when we are feeling worried & nervous. Practicing the right breathing technique and following the process of slowing our breath sends a message to our mind and body that we are not in threat and can relax. The technique is simple – Inhale slowly and hold your breath then exhale slowly and then hold your breath again. Keep practicing and do this until you can feel yourself getting calmer and more relaxed.

Practice Practice Practice

As it is rightly said practice makes the man perfect, before you stand on that stage it is very important to rehearse the entire show. The more you sweat in practice the less you bleed in war. This practice can be done by recording yourself or standing in front of the mirror. Practice your content along with the tone and choose the right body language.

Points to Remember
The stage is yours – So enjoy YOUR presence. Prepare yourself- Know your audience, content and space. Stand TALL on the stage -Impressive Body Language, Tone, Volume. Don’t bother about what others are thinking – You are not always RIGHT. Practice Practice Practice. Take help from the EXPERTS.ENJOY your talk Blackout in a speech or presentation – PAUSE and START again. Look AMAZING – be the SUPERSTAR  

Learning to progress you’re speaking or presentation skills is good, but it’s usually not sufficient to substantially lessen your fright. You have to tackle and revise any damaging perceptions, beliefs, feelings, images, and expectations related to public speaking or presentation. And it’s often beneficial to uncover the hidden qualms related to being seen and perceived by others, displaying weakness, and being considered less than perfect. Learning to accept yourself and not feeling that you need to prove yourself to others is at the root of healing.

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