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Learn the Art of Magical Communication

When it comes to our favorite teachers then we all had our super-duper hit teachers in our schools and colleges. We remember them not only because of their effective teaching skills and strong concept knowledge but also the way they motivated and inspired us through their impressive communication skills.

Learn the Art of Magical Communication

It is said that the school is the 2nd home where the child learns, explores, imitates and grows under the supervision of the teachers and other staff members. One of the most important skills of a good teacher is to project compassionate communication skills through the use of the right language, tone, pitch and non-verbal’s, deep listening. Connecting with students using the right communication skills creates a positive & collaborative learning environment and fosters student’s accomplishments. When teachers use their communication skills in an effective way then it enables them to build strong connections with the students, parents, and colleagues. In this 21st century it is very imperative for the teachers to learn the art of interacting and communicating with the students effectively, especially in this digital world.

When it comes to communication –it can be expressive and at the same time receptive also. Teachers should be able to identify and understand the thoughts and expressions of their students and at the same time they should be able to elaborate things clearly and fast.

A teacher, who is keen to know about their students, learns their name and addresses them with their name. They always try to understand their students’ aspirations, their challenges, expectations and inclinations; all these things are possible with continuous communication.

As we have always said that an effective communication has numerous powers and it gives lots of positive vibrations (Read our blogs on communication skills – , ). It can actually transform the thought process and mind set. As educators we come across different levels of students. There are students who may be reluctant to speak out in a group setting, or not want to share their thoughts and feelings with classmates.

When teachers and students communicate readily, teachers can remove complications, explain information from a new outlook, and boost overall student achievement rates.

with parents as informative and collaborative as possible

Educators who sharpen their communication skills are equipped to coach, counsel and guide students entrusted in their care.  Through well-crafted and structured communication, teachers can express themselves both verbally and in writing in order to report student’s advancement report to parents.  Through the power of effective communication skills teachers will be able to do the SWOT analysis of their students and will be in a confident position to explain the strengths and weaknesses of their students so that parents will understand the message and be receptive rather than defensive.

To build a super solid school -home partnerships and to have deep parental involvement, the educators need to be skilled in the art of communicating with the parent community. Importantly, teachers should endeavor to use a variety of effective strategies & approaches to make communication with parents as informative and collaborative as possible, encompassing new communication manners and yet retaining & holding the human touch through.

Use empathetic Language – Words and Tone Use power words which can inspire and motivate students. Give constructive feedback through structured communication. Good communication skills are 80% responsible for Moulding students. A teacher must have a professional yet friendly voice tone and positive body language. A teacher’s behavior impacts their students in many ways. The body language and voice tone of a teacher certainly helps to encourage students’ impersonal growth. Use the art of deep listening to connect with the students and parents. Create the culture of collaboration, teamwork, and own communication through effective communication skills.  

The essence of magical communication can actually help the teachers in handling a difficult conversation, especially with the teacher conveying a difficult message about the student’s misbehavior or learning problems. The message must be delivered clearly and with tact.

Are you ready to revolutionize communication between students and teachers in your classroom

Are you ready to revolutionize communication between students and teachers in your classroom?

Are you ready to create the power of connectivity through your own communication skills?

Connect with us and become part of our journey in transforming your communication skills through the techniques of NLP, Neuroscience, psychology and latest communication techniques.

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