Ready to face the EXAM FEVER?


Okay, time to be candid. How many of us love exams? 

Exam – The moment we think of this word, it sends a shiver down the spine. And I am sure that we all have gone through this exam fever. It actually starts with the announcement of the date and runs till the last day.

Sweaty palms, fear, stomach pain, rapid heartbeat and stress- are these some of the symptoms you or your kids face before your exams?

Do you feel like your mind freezes during exams? Do you find yourself surrounded with thoughts – “I just can’t do this”, “I am going to fail this exam”? Does your heart beat fast or do you find it hard to breathe during exams?

Ready to face the EXAM FEVER?

Tests and exams are important for the growth of students. According to a large number of teachers & trainers, a bit of anxiety and strain can help students lift their performance. However, if exam burden or stress becomes overwhelming, it can actually impact their academic performance and their health negatively.

During exam times, students get anxiety and stress due to exam fear. There are cases where some students have taken unhealthy and unacceptable steps because they could not handle exam fear. Common fear and anxiety are normal but when it goes over the limit, it becomes risky for students’ mental and also their physical health.

To perform well in the examination and reduce fear of the examination, students need to calm themselves down first and prepare themselves in advance to face the exam and remove the extra burden. 

Handling the fear of exam should start from home. Parents-Encourage your kids! Parents have the ability to address underlying fears that may be present with test-taking. At a deep level, even subconsciously, a child may fear failure for a variety of reasons. There could be a fear of looking dumb to friends, of not getting into the best school, or of not meeting parents’ expectations. A great help is for parents to reinforce their unconditional support and encouragement to the child.

Parents, let your children know that their grade does not determine their worth. Believe in your child. It’s important that parents understand that every child has the mental capability and physical ability. Rather than pushing and pulling your child to score beyond their capability, parents should guide them and assist them do their best in the exam and leave the worries of the result to the later part.

With the parents managing the household chores, they may not be very available to them all the time. However, taking out time and giving the required attention are very much required during this time. The children may have things to share or talk, or might just need your assistance. So, the parents may try and be around at least during the exam time to make things more comfortable for their children by keeping the house calm, peaceful, positive and warm and being the support system that they need.

Most kids struggle with exams from time to time. But some kids struggle more than others. Understanding the challenges kids face can help the parents to defuse the exam battles before they start. Parents need to help the child in designing their kid’s study style patter (For study skills, please refer to our blog- )

Below are some ways of how to prepare a child for competitive exams and school exams – ways to reduce exam stress.

  DESIGN your timetable. Follow the TIME TABLE to the T.USE Highlighters. Refer and REVISE your notes. PERSONALIZE your notes Work on your STUDY skills Do not LEAVE revision for the last moment. Look at PAST exam papers Make your own QUESTION bank. Make strategies for LONG answers. Take DEEP Sleep and REST before the EXAM. REWARD Yourself Don’t PANIC in the examination hall Read the instructions CAREFULLY Manage the TIME for each question Once you are done with the exam, FORGET about it.  

While you focus on working on removing the exam fever, we at KAM training services strive to empower you with deep tricks and techniques and we do this by spending time together and finding out what works best for you.

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