Positive Thoughts= Effective Communication

Our thoughts are very powerful and equally, so our intentions. What you think and say is what you define and become. Placing our focus on positive thoughts and communicating the same in a positive way not only enhance our way of life, but brings into our reality what we most want and desire.

As it is rightly said- ‘how we think our life is, is what we create’. This means that whatever we think and say about our situation, life, job or financial status, becomes the reality. The more we place our focus on it, the more your inner self -being believes it be real.

Why positive Thoughts

Let me share with you a beautiful recipe of ‘Flip It’. Say, for instance, that you are a leader of a team and your team is not able to show the desired results. Your first reaction would be to worry and get upset with the team. You begin to focus on the lack of productivity and results. You start talking to yourself and say the most favourite phrases of yours —-‘why the team is not working’, ‘why it is happening to me’, ‘why it happens with my team’, ‘why the team is not showing the results’, and so on. Are you starting to see the pattern? Placing your focus on the negative thought will eventually manifest it in your life even more. What happens, then, if we FLIP the pattern of our thought process to a more positive one? How about changing the weak thoughts going in our mind? How about changing the negative question– ‘Why it is happening to me?’ to a positive one ‘What should I do so that it should not happen again to me?

When you do this, you find yourself not worrying so much or perhaps not at all. With positive thought and mindset, we not only empower our own soul however at the same time we empower people and the environment around us. Our thoughts influence our communication pattern and when we think positive & creative, we will often end our communication with helpful hints/ suggestions / encouragement. This will be accepted with good grace and may even be motivational to the receiver of your communication.

Sharing with you all some useful components for transforming your thoughts. Make a daily practice of utilizing the power of thought to create the life you want.

  1. Look everything as an Opportunity.
  2. Spiritual Practice.
  3. Be humble in your WORDS and BEHAVIOUR
  4. Affirmations are a powerful tool
  5. State your Intention
  6. Be Grateful
  7. Let go your EGO
  8. Express Responsibility and Accountability
  9. Find positive friends, mentors, and co-workers to support and encourage you
  10. Find humour in bad situations.
  11. Challenge yourself to maintain a positive attitude when something goes wrong—show the world how resilient and positive you are!

Language is central to our experience of being human, and the languages we use to speak and express profoundly shape the way we think, the way we connect with the world, the way we live our lives.

Connect with us and become the part of our journey in transforming your thoughts and your communication skills.

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