Do you remember your last WOW moment?


We all had WOW moments in our lives. We have grown up listening to a host of great voices, be they actors, voice over artists, sports commentators, radio RJs, stage speakers etc.

Did you ever wonder how classic Disney cartoon characters spoke with such emotions and modulation? Did you wonder whose voices these were and how they got connected to us?

Our voices matter as much as our words matter. They have the power to awaken the senses and lead others to act, personal branding, or even help us in getting a successful career.  Your expertise to project confidence is critical to your personal and work life. Just because you feel confident doesn’t mean you sound confident. Your voice is like your facial features it is unique and authentically you.  It is the most important element in your personal brand and personal brand is that thing that people say about you when you leave a room.


Your voice, apart from being an instrument or medium of communication, also reflects your personality, thinking pattern, confidence, strengths and weaknesses.  Power of voice refers to the strength in your voice while communicating your thoughts and views. The quality of your voice and intonation instantly captures the attention of the audience and is an amazing technique used to command attention and respect. So, whether you are speaking on the stage or making a presentation in a conference room, effective voice projection is imperative if you want people to hear you clearly and take you seriously as a speaker.

So, how you to project your voice confidently?  A good vocal technique, a well -balanced respiration techniques and a relaxed larynx are crucial for effective voice projection. In our training programs and coaching sessions, we help the learners to work on their breathing patterns, learning to speak from the stomach and not from the throat, resonance, posture etc.

You have to learn to engage your voice fully, giving it the clarity and impact we associate with strength and confidence. You don’t have to be loud, but you do have to fill the room and inhabit the space with a sense of ease and generosity.

We use speech for communication and speech is expressed through voice. Our voice is the wonderful gift from almighty. We all are blessed with a unique voice and our voice is our first line of identity, especially in today’s competitive world.  We often underestimate the impact our voice can create. Our voice can cause much physical and mental agony to others. Similarly, we could decide to use our voices soothingly, lovingly, with affection, care and compassion, to love, connect, inspire, motivate, negotiate, and even to heal.

It is the time now to realize the power of inner voice as your voice can change the universe and bring revolution in the world. Your voice is your power and this power of yours nobody can take it from you. Through your voice you can encourage other voices too, to unite and support each other.

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