What is a workplace? It’s more than just a place of employment or a building where co-workers gather. A workplace constitutes employees that come together to construct and strengthen the vision of an organization.
Communication is at the heart of a successful, thriving organization. No matter what role or position we occupy, employees come together to fulfill the objectives of an organization and through this, end up shaping its culture.
We tell the world who we are through communication. The last decade and a half of KAM, along with my personal experience of 25 years in the field, has led us to the realisation that effective communication allows people to express ideas, thoughts and emotions. That’s when employees start feeling valued, respected and as part of the team.
That is one of the reasons organisations are increasingly bringing in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and its attendant communication model to better understand the way we talk and interact with others.
Communication leads to conversations, conversations then create collaboration, which finally gives rise to culture. The genesis of organisational culture and collaboration starts with working on communication.
Effective communication fuels an organisation’s foundation, and organizational diversity powers its growth. Diversity is a group of people from different backgrounds, demographics, gender and communities who are brought together to use unique skills to elevate the organization.
Inclusion focuses on creating a healthy working environment where all are treated equally, so employees can come together and work towards the objectives of the organisation.
Several studies in recent years have shown that increased diversity and inclusion result in better performances at the workplace. People of different genders, education, personalities, and backgrounds aid in creating strong values and foster a healthy environment to work in.
As enablers of this diversity and inclusion, KAM’s objective is to ensure that everyone is equal and valued, respected and feels a sense of belonging. To achieve this, we have programs like ‘Family Connect’, where the organization extends their universe to the employees’ families to oversee their development as well.
Another initiative of KAM under diversity and inclusion is fondly called ‘Pretty Tough’. Pretty Tough leverages and synergizes the active and latent strength in any organization. We have close to 100 women who are a part of this platform where the objective for is to become ‘Pretty Tough’.
Of course, there are several factors and values that go into creating a robust organization, but the beginnings are rooted in making employees feel accepted and included across the board along with learning to communicate effectively for a common goal. What are your experiences with communication or diversity in your organization? Do let me know.


  1. Pretty

    1. Protect employees’ wellness and mental health
    2. Provide timely and constructive feedback
    3. Promote diversity and inclusion in the workplace
    4. Embrace transparency
    5. Develop a high-performance learning culture
    6. Recognize contributions and practice positive reinforcement
    7. Always revisit your company core values

    Pretty Tough:

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    Very nice article

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