It’s safe to say that organisations and employees have had a challenging two years, as we all tried to remain productive and motivated while adapting to the new work from home setup. So, how can companies achieve effective employeeship? Here is a list of 7 strategies you can practice to bring the best out of your employees.

1.    The crux of employeeship comes from a new-age approach of inculcating a sense of responsibility, both among employees and company leaders. And the first way to increase effectiveness and productivity is by putting ‘People First’. Give employees responsibilities and actively ask for their input on issues or ideas for the company. This creates a culture of involvement and ownership, helping your teams look at the bigger picture.

2.    At a time when face-to-face interactions are limited, effective and open communication is crucial to keep employees feeling directly connected to an organisation’s missions and goals.

3.    Company leaders and managers should engage in the ‘Art of the 360 Degree Feedback’. While it’s important to give employees constructive feedback on their performances, it’s equally of essence to point out the good things they did.

4.    While it might seem like an efficient strategy to constantly check in on your employees, providing them with flexibility to do their jobs is far more impactful. Inculcate a collaborative environment where employees are given space and flexibility to deliver their best. An organisation that is invested in the well-being of their employees will in turn have people who are invested in the growth of the business.

5.    Help your employees develop leadership skills, which will result in them being more invested in the success of your business, and less likely to look for other opportunities outside. Boosting employees’ sense of worthiness through leadership skills will enable traits of innovation and impact the quality of leaders’ decision-making abilities.

6.    Allow employees to express themselves creatively. The more opportunities you give your employees to express themselves creatively, the more engaged they will be in the growth of the organisation.

7.    The work from home culture due to lockdowns has seen multiple reports of employees struggling to cope with the workload, feeling burnt out, and under pressure to spend longer hours at work. It’s important to embrace the importance of work, but it’s essential to maintain a consistent schedule for your employees.

These tips will not only boost the productivity of your employees, it will also create a culture of people who are invested in the development and success of your business, along with their own.

What are some of the effective employeeship strategies you have implemented in your organisations? Let me know below.

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